Unidanza The Afrocuban Dance Festival in Hamburg

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Time to say goodby AND A HUGE THANK YOU! .. for attending the festival and spending this wonderful weekend with us - dancing, partying, enjoying, celebrating We truly hope you enjoyed it! Without your support, none of this would be possible
This years UNiDANZA is unfortunately nearing it’s end already . We hope you had an amazing time so far! Let’s wrap this amazing festival up with our last party
We hope you got your money's worth at the party and enjoyed it to the fullest! Gather your strength for the workshops tomorrow!
Wir hoffen euch hat der erste Tag Spaß gemacht -Seid ihr ready für die PARTY? Zeit: 22:00 - 04:00 Location: Wiese e.G Motto: Glam & Glitter Workshops um 22:00: Son & Bachata Footwork
Thanks for your energy on the dance floor today it was fun! On Saturday we start with the workshops - the artists can't wait and have cool input for you!!!
We hope you had a great time at the bootcamps today The first big party is waiting for you tonight. Get dressed up and look forward to a hot selection of music from DJ Tom Nka, DJ Yala and DJ John L. Donna
What a great start into the festival - Thanks to everyone who was already there today! The plan for tomorrow: You can expect cool bootcamps from 12:30 to 16:30: Ladystyle, Afro and Columba.
Partypeople today is THE day - the starting signal for this year's UNIDANZA 2024 has been given. See you tonight at 9 pm at the WARM-UP-PARTY
Only a few days left until this year's UNiDANZA2024. 😍 We are super excited and are really looking forward to the coming weekend - What about you? Here are a few little reminders:
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